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Detective Heroes – Nancy Drew.

Published May 9, 2012 by loonyliterature
Cover of "The Hidden Staircase"

Cover of The Hidden Staircase

Nancy Drew is an excellent teenage detective from America.  She knows the value of using a good magnifying glass and a strong torch to solve her cases.  In “The Hidden Staircase”, Nancy Drew travels to an old stone mansion and finds a secret hidden passage.  If she did not have her torch with her, she would have been stumped.  So budding detectives, take note from Nancy Drew and always make sure you have your torch whilst out detecting.  Nothing stops Nancy from solving her case, she is fearless and intelligent. In fact, she reminds me of my friend, Athena.

1966 cover of the revised version of The Secre...

1966 cover of the revised version of The Secret of the Old Clock, the first Nancy Drew mystery (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I said, Nancy Drew is American.  She lives in a place called River Heights.  Her father, Carson Drew is a criminal lawyer and Nancy worked on her first case “The Secret of The Old Clock” with him.  We see how clever and brave Nancy is when she actually rescues her father after he has been abducted.  This happens in the case I mentioned earlier – “The Hidden Staircase”.

The Ghost of Blackwood Hall

The Ghost of Blackwood Hall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Budding detectives often think that there is no point in being a detective because no-one will take child and teenage detectives seriously.  This is not always the case.  In “The Ghost of Blackwood Hall”, Nancy is asked to detect because she is not an adult.  Mrs Putney has had all her jewels stolen and warned she must not go to the police or tell any man or woman what has happened.  If she does, she will invite terrible publicity.  She feels safe telling Nancy Drew, the best sleuth in River Heights, simply because she is a girl.  Mrs Putney, therefore, is not going to the police or telling a man or a woman.  This proves that young detectives are needed.

This is the mysterious parcel. I need to investigate.

A mysterious parcel has arrived with a miniature skull inside it.  Until next time, budding detectives – I need to get my magnifying glass out.

Detective Heroes – Sherlock Holmes.

Published May 7, 2012 by loonyliterature
Sherlock Holmes in "The Man with the Twis...

Sherlock Holmes in “The Man with the Twisted Lip”. Original caption was “The pipe was still between his lips.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


All budding detectives need other detectives to learn the trade from.  We need to see how they find clues, how they question suspects, what tools they use and how they solve the case.  One of my heroes is Sherlock Holmes.  I know that he lived a long time ago and was old but he was a master of disguise and could sniff a clue out like a bloodhound.  He lived at 221b Baker Street in London but do not worry if you do not have a London address for your detective agency, a garden shed in Lower Pickleton will do just as well. 


Photo showing the address as 221B beside the l...

Photo showing the address as 221B beside the location of the Shelock Homes Museum in London England (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The reason Sherlock Holmes solved so many cases was the fact that he noticed things which most non detectives miss.  This is why, budding detectives, when you meet a suspicious looking person you must look very carefully at their clothing.  It is always helpful to have your magnifying glass ready but try not to alert the suspicious person that you are onto them. 


magnifying glass on an 17th century table

magnifying glass on an 17th century table (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


So what are you looking for when detecting on a suspect?  Sherlock Holmes would notice hairs on a person’s clothes.  These could be animal hairs’ or human hairs’.  So for instance, if a man had short, white Jack Russell hair’s on the bottom of his trousers, this would tell us he either owns a Jack Russell dog or that he has been somewhere where there is a Jack Russell dog.  This might not seem important but it is if a house has been broken into which has a Jack Russell dog.  It tells us two things:  the Jack Russell in question was not a good guard dog because it was easily bribed with liver flavoured treats and also that the man in question WAS at the scene of the crime.



A shadow has just passed by the window – I need to investigate -so budding detectives – remember Sherlock Holmes sees everything and so should you.

Sherlock Holmes in "The Adventures of She...

Sherlock Holmes in “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My Favourite Detecting Equipment (1). The Magnifying Glass. No Adults Allowed.

Published May 6, 2012 by loonyliterature

Being a successful detective means that we have to notice what is going on around us but we also have to use our brains.  We must never forget the importance of our detecting equipment though.  For those of you who are hoping to become detectives, you need to get a magnifying glass.  The criminal thinks he can fool us but he or she always leaves something behind to set us on a trail.  This is why a magnifying glass is needed – it shows us clues the naked eye cannot see. 

Top tip for trying out your magnifying glass.

If, all day, you had been thinking about those last three chocolate biscuits left in the biscuit tin and you find them gone – what should you do?  Obviously, you question everyone as to the whereabouts of the missing biscuits but we all know that brothers, sisters and grandmas deny everything.  This is where the magnifying glass comes into its own.  Hide the magnifying glass behind your back and then quickly produce it.  Use the magnifying glass to look around your suspect’s mouth and on their clothes.  If you see suspicious looking crumbs, you will realise that you have caught the biscuit chomping culprit.

Well done detective pals – see you shortly.

Gangsters Go For Groaningsea!

Published April 2, 2012 by loonyliterature
Garden gnome with wheelbarrow

Garden gnome with wheelbarrow (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Ambrose Pimple

(Groaningsea Gazette Editor, Reporter, Secretary and Coffee Boy.)

Residents of Groaningsea be on the alert!  Strange happenings are taking place on your very own doorstep.  It is thought that a master criminal is on the loose.  It is not an ordinary criminal, that much is known.  How do we know this?  Ace crime reporter, Ambrose Pimple has been on the scene of these extraordinary happenings.  Stone gargoyles with secret messages on them have been left on doorsteps in the town. 

Ambrose Pimple has made the decision not to disclose the secret messages at this point in time as it could cause a spate of copycat crimes.  As an ace crime reporter, Ambrose Pimple has delved into the mind of the ruthless criminal over the years.  He has to admit, he has not come across such a cunning criminal mastermind of this type before.  The key question, says Pimple, is what is so unique about this crime?  He understands that the ordinary public will not be able to answer this penetrating question and so he explains:  The ordinary criminal takes from us.  We have all been there when our garden gnomes have disappeared.  However, The Gargoyle Gangster, as he will be referred to from now on, has us on the run.  He plays with our law abiding minds – he doesn’t whiz our washing from our lines or even pilfer our plants, NO!  The Gargoyle Gangster leaves his threatening mark upon our doorsteps.  What has this criminal mastermind got in store for Groaningsea next?

Will Blyton – The Alternative Detective Video Diary 3

Published April 2, 2012 by loonyliterature

See what happens when the monster from The Boris Death room comes to life. 

The Boris Death room is  in The  Floating Wreck Lighthouse Museum.   Wait until you see what the monster does with Will’s deerstalker hat at the end of the video.

Will tells us about creeping up to Boris Death’s old house to try to get a photograph of a ghoul. 

Will he do it? 

Watch the video and find out.

If you saw something really creepy what would you do?

Imagine you went into the room and saw the monster dancing?

Think how you would react and write it down.

If you need to describe the monster, watch the video again.

How does he move?  What is he thinking?

The Alternative Detective Agency.

Published April 2, 2012 by loonyliterature

Welcome to The Alternative Detective Agency.

My name is Will Blyton – The Alternative Detective.

I started being an alternative detective a couple of years ago.

Below is a photo of me now whilst on my latest case.

At the moment, I can’t say much about the case I am working on but I have to visit a ruined abbey and a boating lake.

  The Agency is in the seaside town of Groaningsea in the 1970s.

 When I am on a case, I cannot let time be a barrier in my life.

My first adventure is called

Will Blyton and The Stinking Shadow.

Will Blyton and The Stinking Shadow by Michelle Barber (Paperback) — Lulu GB

Will Blyton and The Stinking Shadow by Michelle Barber (eBook) — Lulu GB will blyton and the stinking shadow: Kindle Store

This is the paperback version of Will Blyton and The Stinking Shadow. Will Blyton and The Stinking Shadow: The Alternative Detective. (Volume 1) (9781475152821): Michelle Barber: Books

The Thunderous Mother writes all my cases down as evidence.

The agency gets many letters asking me to solve mysterious situations.  We do what we can.

We accept all kinds of payment – especially if Bull’s Eyes are mentioned.

If you see anything suspicious, write it down, you never know when it may be useful.

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