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Ravensmite – bird or boy?

Published June 29, 2012 by loonyliterature

Ravensmite changed from a bird into a ghoulish looking boy before my eyes.

I rush to the window.   Ravensmite lands on the branch of a tree and caws loudly.   It is a full moon.  The outline of the large bird is easy to see.  Suddenly, its gimlet eyes spot something and it swoops.  It is the decayed corpse of a rabbit.  The huge hooked beak tears at the tendrils of flesh and maggots.  It gorges hungrily, the head shifting into a teenage boy wolfing at the feast of death upon the ground.   He licks the ground clean of blood and maggots.   After a final sniff around, it shifts fully back into a powerful, glistening raven again.

I took the light of the torch off the bird quickly as I could not believe what I was seeing.

The Alternative Detective Agency.

Published April 2, 2012 by loonyliterature

Welcome to The Alternative Detective Agency.

My name is Will Blyton – The Alternative Detective.

I started being an alternative detective a couple of years ago.

Below is a photo of me now whilst on my latest case.

At the moment, I can’t say much about the case I am working on but I have to visit a ruined abbey and a boating lake.

  The Agency is in the seaside town of Groaningsea in the 1970s.

 When I am on a case, I cannot let time be a barrier in my life.

My first adventure is called

Will Blyton and The Stinking Shadow.

Will Blyton and The Stinking Shadow by Michelle Barber (Paperback) — Lulu GB

Will Blyton and The Stinking Shadow by Michelle Barber (eBook) — Lulu GB

Amazon.co.uk: will blyton and the stinking shadow: Kindle Store

This is the paperback version of Will Blyton and The Stinking Shadow.

Amazon.com: Will Blyton and The Stinking Shadow: The Alternative Detective. (Volume 1) (9781475152821): Michelle Barber: Books

The Thunderous Mother writes all my cases down as evidence.

The agency gets many letters asking me to solve mysterious situations.  We do what we can.

We accept all kinds of payment – especially if Bull’s Eyes are mentioned.

If you see anything suspicious, write it down, you never know when it may be useful.

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