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My Favourite Detecting Equipment (2). The Torch. No Adults Allowed.

Published May 8, 2012 by loonyliterature

Detectives need the right equipment for the job.  In my eyes, apart from the magnifying glass, the torch is king.  If I did not have a great torch, I wouldn’t have been able to creep into The Floating Wreck Lighthouse in the pitch black when I needed to hide Hamnet (the boy in the stone) from the evil shapeshifter Ravensmite.  In fact, even if you have a torch, when your birthday comes up, ask for another.  I would have been in a right mess if I hadn’t had my spare torch with me when I was hiding Hamnet in the lighthouse.  He shouted and I dropped the torch down the lighthouse steps.  If I hadn’t had a spare in my pocket, I would have had to find my way in the pitch black up 300 spiral steps.

Here I am on my latest adventure.

Top detecting tips for torches.

When your brother or sister, or in my case a Stinking Shadow, creeps into your bedroom to borrow your stuff when you are asleep, pretend to be asleep.  Have your torch ready and then shine it on them when they are rummaging through your favourite stuff.  You will catch them red handed. They will think twice before they mess with a budding detective again.

My Favourite Detecting Equipment (1). The Magnifying Glass. No Adults Allowed.

Published May 6, 2012 by loonyliterature

Being a successful detective means that we have to notice what is going on around us but we also have to use our brains.  We must never forget the importance of our detecting equipment though.  For those of you who are hoping to become detectives, you need to get a magnifying glass.  The criminal thinks he can fool us but he or she always leaves something behind to set us on a trail.  This is why a magnifying glass is needed – it shows us clues the naked eye cannot see. 

Top tip for trying out your magnifying glass.

If, all day, you had been thinking about those last three chocolate biscuits left in the biscuit tin and you find them gone – what should you do?  Obviously, you question everyone as to the whereabouts of the missing biscuits but we all know that brothers, sisters and grandmas deny everything.  This is where the magnifying glass comes into its own.  Hide the magnifying glass behind your back and then quickly produce it.  Use the magnifying glass to look around your suspect’s mouth and on their clothes.  If you see suspicious looking crumbs, you will realise that you have caught the biscuit chomping culprit.

Well done detective pals – see you shortly.

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