About Will Blyton – The Alternative Detective.

Twelve things you should know about Will Blyton – The Alternative Detective.

He runs his own detective agency called The Alternative Detective Agency.

His first case was Will Blyton and The Stinking Shadow.

He lives in the 1970s but characters from other periods turn up in his life.

His best friend is called Bongo. 

His best nuisance is called Hamnet and he lives in a stone.

He owns a deerstalker.

He found a 14thC boy monk hiding in his wardrobe.

He has a dark room in his cellar.

He is rather sweet on a girl named Athena whose mother writes Vampire books.

His mother runs a lighthouse which has a Boris Death room in it.

He suffers at the hands and feet of The Toad, Ferret and Snot until…

He has an evil shapeshifter named Ravensmite after him.

12 comments on “About Will Blyton – The Alternative Detective.

    • No, The Alternative Detective is for 10 to 13 year olds. It means that the cases he has are alternative in the fact that there is an evil shapeshifter from the Tudor period after his blood, a 14th century monk is his Stinking Shadow. So his cases are a bit of an adventure instead of the normal detective type case. Hope you are well.

  • Your new site looks great…I had thought for a moment “alternative” stood for detecting with crystals, herbs and massage oil…”alternative” in Germany usually means all things wellness related. Hm, a detective who detects with the help of essential oils…and incense sticks…I rather like that idea. The crime busting school of “Ohm” rather than “oomph”.

      • I wasn’t able to add you as a link to Willow’s site because of the template layout, but have added you as a link to my Mariathermann blog. Yay, it works! Yes, a detective with essential oils puts a whole new meaning on “sniffing out” a mystery.

      • That’s fantastic. Thank you. When I add the links to the Will Blyton on, I will put Willow on that also. I love the idea of sniffing out a mystery. You can imagine the detective following a trail of lavender. It is quite a change when I think of Arthur Stoker and his pongy breath.

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