The Adventure of Father Christmas’s Sack starring Will Blyton and The Stinking Shadow.

Published November 30, 2012 by loonyliterature

When Will Blyton is not busy solving cases and sending people back to the past, he hangs out with his friends.  One of his favourite friends is Father Christmas.  Will likes to share a mince pie with the dear old gentleman and sing some jolly Christmas songs.

Father Christmas and Will Blyton.

Will Blyton shares a festive mince pie with Father Christmas.

When Will has finished his mince pie, he goes outside to feed the reindeer as they are making an awful racket.  Unbeknown to him, The Stinking Shadow has been hiding behind the curtains and when Will goes outside he pops out 0f his hiding place.

Father Christmas and The Stinking Shadow

The Stinking Shadow offers Father Christmas a festive Clementine.

If Will Blyton could see The Stinking Shadow offering Father Christmas something to eat, he would instantly know that there was something greatly amiss.  The Stinking Shadow has one rule about food and that is to eat it himself.  When he time travelled from the 14th century to the 1970s, he thought he was in food wonderland and never misses an opportunity to taste anything he can.

The Stinking Shadow has Father Christmas's sack.s

The Stinking Shadow has managed to get hold of Father Christmas’s sack.

Oh dear!  The Stinking Shadow must have grabbed Father Christmas’s sack.  Does this mean the end of Christmas?  Watch the film clip below to find out what happens next.

Will Blyton makes sure that all’s well that ends well.  As you can see, Father Christmas has got his sack back.

9 comments on “The Adventure of Father Christmas’s Sack starring Will Blyton and The Stinking Shadow.

    • I was of the same mind until about six years ago, it always had to be real trees. We then started to go away for Christmas but had to put a tree up for Will in the run up to Christmas, so it seemed easier with a fake tree. I had also got to the stage when I was sick of cleaning up all the needles, so I bought this tree at the time and then sound economics tells me to keep using it instead of buying a fresh tree.

      • Christmas isn’t really christmassy until the scent of pine wafts through the house and I can scrape the tree sap from my hands after hours of wrestling the wooden creature into the stand/holder. I loathe fake trees, I have to admit…I’m very German in this one, rare point.

      • I was absolutely the same – I used to have two massive ones don’t get me wrong I agree with you – I love real trees but at the moment being practical and economically minded is winning. I will go back to my real trees at some point, I do love them.

      • When Will’s a star on Broadway and you can afford a lady’s maid a la Downton Abbey (my guilty pleasure: am rewatching the first two series on netflix while stuffing my face with birthday fudge and trying to sound like Dame Maggie Smith)

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